About Joe

Poet, Joe ShakarchiAfter receiving his B.A. from Brooklyn College and his M.A. from City College of New York (City University of New York), Joe Shakarchi went on to a thirty-five year teaching and writing career. Joe taught writing, literature, reading, and basic skills at San Francisco State University, the University of Colorado, Southern Oregon State University, and San Jose City College.  He also taught at King Mongkut's University of Technology  in Bangkok, Thailand.  His essays, reviews, and interviews have appeared in various publications.

Raised in New York, Joe was part of the San Francisco poetry scene from 1982 until 2012. His writing has appeared in The San Francisco Chronicle, Poetry Flash, The Berkeley Poetry Review, and North Beach Journal. He was the winner of the 1999 Common Ground poetry contest. Joe was also one of six San Francisco poets chosen for the "Poetry in Public Display" exhibition throughout the city. Along with frequent appearances on radio and TV, he has helped produce poetry videos, and has often performed with musicians. His book of poems, "Sunrise in the West," is accompanied by a poetry/music CD featuring John Densmore (founding member of The Doors) on percussion, Stephen Kent on dijeridu, and Manose on flute. Most recently, he has performed in New York and in Bangkok. His influences include Rumi, rock ‘n’ roll, Zen, the temples of Bangkok and Kathmandu, and the cafes of North Beach and Greenwich Village.

Joe is currently living in Bangkok, and has been traveling to Bali, the USA,  and.....who knows where the winds will blow him? In addition, he will be writing new poems. He has also been writing travel stories and memoirs, two of which have already been published in "To Thailand with Love" (available from Amazon).