Where is the Revolution?

  • Posted on: 26 November 2015
  • By: Joe

Where is the revolution?
sigh the factories of Tianjin
ditches dug with
comrades overseeing them
the shovels and the axes moan

Who will bring the revolution?
sing the mountains of Guilin
the green hills that rise out of nowhere
floating without end

Why revolution?
ask the palaces of Beijing
the Forbidden City closes its gates
snow falls on the stones of the Great Wall

When will the revolution come?
whisper the terracotta soldiers of Xian
the great Bell Tower peals
the ringing and the rhythm

What will the revolution bring?
cry the farms of Shaanxi
endless fields of endless green
the Yellow River glows
in the red light of the sun

How will revolution come?
calls the Temple of Heaven
the railroad stations full of dust
the concrete apartments beyond the hotels
the poet looking over Tianianmen Square

And where is the revolution?
sigh the factories of Tianjin