The River Answered

  • Posted on: 26 November 2015
  • By: Joe

I said to the river:
"My life is not the same"

the river said:
Nothing stays the same

the rocks and boulders
change their shape
as my waters
pass over them


I said to the river:
"I am afraid of losing my life"

The river ansered:
My life is constant loss

I flow downstream
into a riverbed
into a lake
into the great ocean
always my waters
disappear on their way past


"Sometimes I am in sorrow"
I said to the river
"Sometime I am in bliss"

The river replied:
My waters keeps flowing

over one bend there is sunshine
in another shade
a rushing downstream
over rocks
and then a tranquil pool

"I am lonely"
I said to the river

The river answered:
I am always alone
but never lonely

I have the trees
their overhanging
arches and limbs
their leaves and seeds

I have the stones
of different colors
and hues

I have the sunlight
always streaming in
over rock
over tree
over mountain

I have the everpresent Earth
of sand and soil
underneath me
holding me
in her arms


"My life is almost over"
I said to the river

The river spoke:
No life ever ends
in eternity

Your life will forever
in these rocks
these trees
these drops of water
that lead into
the sea

The song of the earth
is your song
the blue of the sky
is lit with your light


I said to the river
"Then I shall be River"

The River answered: